Questions and Objections about getting Chiropractic Care;  
Straight Forward and Honest!
After years of treating patients and seeing amazing results some people are still hesitant to get chiropractic.  
The biggest objections are money and time.

Occasionally I will get a person who has been living under a rock and thinks chiropractic is unscientific, but I
keep a large box full of research articles in my office to hand them in that situation (Two of the research
papers won noble prizes and the others done by major hospitals or medical facilities).  In terms of safety
chiropractic in one of the latest medical research articles chiropractic was shown to have practically a zero risk
of any injury! (50,000 treatments performed in the study, zero injuries!) The articles section on our website
will also have plenty of research on how well chiropractic works. However, just ask yourself if all the negative
things you've heard were true than how are there so many chiropractors around!   If none of those silly facts,  
science or research matter to you it's okay it just means you are to stubborn to be a patient in our clinic!
(Your loss really!)

Now for those of you who are a more reasonable and a lot like me and would just like to know what you are
getting yourself into in regards to time, cost and how becoming a patient works this is for you.
How much does it cost to see a chiropractor? Can I afford care?: While everyone requires a different amount
of visits based on the age of their problem and there are many different insurance coverage amounts; I will
give you a couple of examples:
No Insurance or Insurance with No Coverage:  50-60% of our patients fall under this category so we had
to make it affordable for them to get care.  Exam and X-rays; click promotion on the left and bring the
coupon with you and it's 67 dollars for the whole first days visit and it includes going over the information
with you the next visit!  Then how much? 34 dollars a visit for an adjustment and use of our physical therapy
equipment. We even offer substantial household family discounts!(
Legal comment that doesn't affect
anything I mentioned before, but keeps the insurance people happy: This is for 98940 and exercises that
are timed and are performed solo by the patient.)
Insurance: There are so many plans this is the toughest to give an estimate for: We are in network with many
insurance companies and out of network with the ones that have a negative benefit on the patients treatment
options; so if we are not in your insurance book there is probably a good reason and by staying out many
times we can get more visits paid by your insurance!  Some insurances have a 5 dollar co-pay for most of
your visits ( I wish this was all of them!) Others have  $50 dollar co-pay for the visits (yes thats more than we
charge if you didn't have it, so I will leave it up to you if you want to use it!)  The average is between 10 and
20 dollar co-pay for between 12-24 visits.  (If more is needed you can move to cash visits for 34 bucks.)
Medicare Patients: Medicare does have Chiropractic Coverage! It has great coverage, believe it or not.  Your
treatments will have about a 6 to 7 dollar co-pay, but if you have a secondary or supplemental plan they may
even pay the co-pay.  They will not pay for exams or x-rays (unless you have a supplemental or secondary,
but we keep that pretty affordable too!
Don't you have to go forever? I think that one is a little funny for a couple reasons:  Imagine asking your
dentist "Can I stop brushing and flossing my teeth once they are clean?" or if you had to brush and floss your
teeth forever? If he was like me he would answer with a smart remark like "Only as long as you want your
Quite frankly since we keep our costs as low as possible, time is the biggest objection for most people; so I
will do my very best to cover all major time concerns.
1.  Do I have to go forever? No!
You can leave at anytime we have no contracts! However, most patients that get great results usually decide
to maintain their results with periodic visits.
2.  How long do I have to sign up for? In our office we offer care packages to help keep the cost of even our
worst case patients affordable, but as I mentioned before their are no contracts.
3.  How long do your recommend I come?  Obviously variable depending on each individual, but is typically
between 8 weeks and 5 months before moving on to a maintenance schedule (if desired.)
4. Can I come in for just a couple treatments? You could, but I'd rather you didn't; for most conditions I see
in the office a couple treatments would be a little like spitting into the wind.  If you have ever heard any one
say that they were more sore when I left a chiropractor or something similar this is why.  It's like going to the
gym two days in a row and never returning again; you would have the same old body as you did and now be
extremely sore. Lasting change takes work and time!
Starting Care Steps:
First visit
1.Fill out the usual paperwork and read some information on what to expect.
2. An exam and consultation with me (Dr. Rahman) takes about 10-15 minutes max. under most cases.
3. If X-rays are needed we use our in office Digital X-ray system (our office is one of the most or probably
the most technologically advanced offices around!)  I do not typically treat on the first visit because I take
digital measurements of your spine before your first treatment.
4.  Schedule an appointment to go over your findings and get an initial treatment if you choose that visit.
Second Visit
1. Read a small pamphlet to explain some of the things I was looking for during your exam and x-rays.
2. Hear the basics about your condition and how I think you will do under treatment.
3. Receive an initial treatment to see how your body responds to chiropractic.
4. Schedule a complementary review of care plan/ x-ray visit.
Care Plan/ X-ray Review
1.  Your x-rays and care plan will be discussed and what is wrong and how you can be helped will be
explained . You will be shown how x-rays are supposed to look and you can compare yours side by side.

2.  I will discuss your care plan options (how many times you get treated and how much it costs) in black and
white with no financial surprises later!  You decide which care plan you want to do or choose not to do.
3.  That's it, you are either receiving chiropractic or your not!
Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy